Ciclovia_em_Bogotá3296615768_ca9e889f84The most famous Ciclovìa occurs in Bogota, Colombia.

The events have taken place since 1976.

Every Sunday from 7 am until 2 pm,

120 km of major roadways are shut down an

two million people use thestreet to walk, ride bicycles and play.

Many activities take place along the route, including music, food, art, and gatherings.

The dynamic of challenging the presumption that major streets exist only for cars is powerful,

as people rethink the use of public spaces.

Ciclovía, also cicloviacyclovia (or also open streets in English-speaking countries), is a term which translates from Spanish into English as “bike path” is either a permanently designated bicycle route or the closing of city streets to automobiles for the enjoyment of cyclists and public alike.


Today the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) announced an exciting new development: New York City Bike Share. This program is a major milestone in the progressive and innovative transportation policies arriving in our city.

The DOT conducted significant research and sought input from many folks (myself included). This is a well thought-out initiative, with promising viability for our bustling city.

A few highlights:

  • Starts rolling out in 2012
  • New Yorkers will be able to check out bikes at self-service locations
  • Mobile apps will show real-time bike availability at the stations
  • Sponsor-funded, not tax-payer funded, yet user options (via membership swipe cards) are affordable and approachable to all incomes and user types
  • Ideal for quick trips, both round-trip and one-way errands
  • Community-minded, with locations shaped by area vote and Community Board support

It’s a great day for NYC. 10,000 more bikes on the streets will make it safer and better for all cyclists…

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A livable neighborhood, where there are activities, people gathering, people walking pass, people with a purpose for coming, a happy place within small areas on the entire environment or community.

A livable neighborhood can be a group of children playing by the playground, flow of people exercising, gathering and chatting up. Or flow of people walking pass the area, events and a place where people feel happy to be at.

For Mac Pherson Road, livable neighborhood hardly exist, there are too many un used space that people do not use that area, and due to the location, people hardly walk around the area, playgrounds are hardly found and you can only find people chatting up once in awhile. Many of the place are quiet and dead.

The community centre supposing an area to create bonds in within neighborhoods has too little facilities available, and by the location and size people around the area do not go there often at all.

Community Engagement, community is where a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants, engaging is where activities or stuffs attracts, occupies and involves the people living in a community.

In Mac Pherson Road, community engagement is low due to the fact that the environment around is being split into too different activity area. It is also because of the low activity level for the environment from the elderly people. Markets are closed early, little activities are found around the area other that some chatting up on lives.

However in the community centre, certain exercising, gathering activities are held there. People still do gather up. Very little community member gets involve.

There are too little younger generations and too little activities for the older ones.

To sustain is being able to be maintained at a certain rate or level or the ability to be upheld or defended. Sustaining an environment would naturally mean to maintain the level of productiveness and keeping up to the needs or conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

In Mac Pherson Road, sustainability is pretty low due to the fact of low development is being done at that area and in fact lacking to sustain the community needs.

However, due to the fact that low development was done, buildings, lamps, community centre was not installed with more energy saving facilities.

Sustainability is low in the environment whether in energy saving or the sustaining of a good community.