Today the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) announced an exciting new development: New York City Bike Share. This program is a major milestone in the progressive and innovative transportation policies arriving in our city.

The DOT conducted significant research and sought input from many folks (myself included). This is a well thought-out initiative, with promising viability for our bustling city.

A few highlights:

  • Starts rolling out in 2012
  • New Yorkers will be able to check out bikes at self-service locations
  • Mobile apps will show real-time bike availability at the stations
  • Sponsor-funded, not tax-payer funded, yet user options (via membership swipe cards) are affordable and approachable to all incomes and user types
  • Ideal for quick trips, both round-trip and one-way errands
  • Community-minded, with locations shaped by area vote and Community Board support

It’s a great day for NYC. 10,000 more bikes on the streets will make it safer and better for all cyclists…

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