Environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. Environment basically consists of everything that’s in it. An environment can be good or bad depending on what the environment consist of and the level of conditions in the environment.

In Mac Pherson Road, the environment is classified under a living environment where people, plants and animals co-exist and life moves on consistently. The environment changes vastly from just a cross of road. The environment would be considered as a unique one due to the high amount of old housing, elderly people and how quiet the place is. The conditions of the environment on the other hand is pretty low due to the fact of not fully utilized land areas, poorly designed routes to cater to the population there.

The community centre was as old as the buildings there and most of the facilities are not really catered to the population as well and empty lands (Badminton, soccer courts) are hardly used.

The entire environment works independently and this creates working environments that does not really come together.